2018 Honda Clarity

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see well into the future? To be able to see what’s coming? What’s on the way? At Honda, we’ve done away with any need for a crystal ball or astrology and decided to simply deliver the future of driving to motorists with leading-edge clarity – 2018 Honda Clarity, to be precise. A clearer future is already here, folks, and it comes in the form of a truly game-changing sedan powered by the consumer’s choice of pure electricity (selling in Oregon only), hydrogen cell (selling in California only), or plug-in hybrid gasoline engine (available across Canada and the United States). Intent on making a hybrid specifically suited to the unique demands of Canadian driving, the 2018 Honda Clarity has been designed to go further on less while still offering the style and comfort of an Accord-sized sedan. Is your interest piqued? We figured so. Learn more about the latest full-size sedan release from Honda and how it’s putting some serious distance between itself and the nearest competition.


The 2018 Clarity seeks to claim a previously-uninhabited sweet-spot in the hybrid market between what Honda sees as two extremes that both pose problems for consumers. On one hand, many of the hybrids currently on the market are perilously compact. While this design might suit some demographic perfectly, it leaves the environmentally-minded motorist with huge limitations when it comes to matters of space and cargo volume. The 2018 Honda Clarity seeks to alleviate this concern by offering a practically-sized, spacious hybrid vehicle with nearly the same interior and exterior dimensions as the universally popular Honda Accord.

On the other hand, hybrid sedans of this size and capability are often far out of reach for the average consumer. $100,000 is a lot to spend just to get environmental efficiency and practicality under one roof, and the 2018 Clarity was conceived as a solution to this obstacle, as well. With an MSRP that starts at $39,900, the Honda Clarity is a hybrid that was created with widespread consumer appeal as its primary goal.


The hybrid 2018 Honda Clarity features a wealth of technical detail. Combining a 1.5L engine with two electric motors, 2018 Clarity can run solely on electric power up until 160 km/h. Having your foot to the floor doesn’t clearly doesn’t easily phase this hybrid heavyweight though, as with all hybrids, pushing past a certain point will trigger the gas engine and allow the vehicle to continue on at higher and higher speeds. While it might be called a plug-in hybrid, it’s essentially an electric car with a range extender; the gasoline engine’s primary objective is to spin the generator to generate electricity to spin the tires.


While the 2018 Clarity has an MSRP well below that of other full-sized hybrid sedans in its class, it is the more expensive option when set against its smaller competitors in the class of compact hybrid and fully electric vehicles. Again, while the obvious trade-off with the Honda Clarity, compared to smaller, cheaper, has to do with the full-sized sedan dimensions on offer, you see a value-return for your dollar in many other areas, as well. The 2018 Clarity includes standard features like 18-inch wheels, LED headlights, rear-view camera, heated front seats, eight-inch infotainment screen (with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto) and Honda’s class-leading suite of safety tech. An upgrade to the Clarity Touring trim level sees additions like navigation, leather trim, SIRIUS XM radio and Ultrasuede dash trim thrown into the mix, as well.


You won’t find much compromise in the 2018 Honda Clarity. It’s fun to drive, it’ll turn heads, and it’s a great choice for the environment. Between the gas engine and electric motor, it delivers a satisfying 212 HP, and when you push hard on the pedal to reach those higher cruising speeds, the switch from battery to gas power is almost undetectable. Battery recharge time is 2.5 hours at 240 volts (a level-two charger), enhancing the Clarity’s practicality and convenience as a viable hybrid sedan for the modern road. The 2018 Honda Clarity is freshly available to Canadian consumers, we’re excited to introduce you!